Setting Up for Communion

As a part of our May 3rd worship service we will sharing a modified communion service. Following instructions from the Bishop we will be offering a very unique chance for each of us to take communion together (even though we are apart) by using the online worship service on Sunday morning. In some ways this is not that different from world communion Sunday: the Sunday where we take communion at church and also highlight awareness of our brothers and sisters across the world who sit at the same communion table we do. Please find setup instructions below the picture.

How to Prepare

Set a table, even if it’s a small one. The original last supper was eaten at a table, and when we serve in church we serve from the altar table. Setting a table (and using the good dishes if you have them) will help set apart this moment of worship.

We know supplies are limited but try to come up with some kind of bread at home. Loaves, slices, biscuits, crackers, are all acceptable. We will be breaking the bread together as a part of the service, so you don’t need to cut it into pieces or anything like that.

Grape juice is what we always use for communion at church, so if you have access to this try and use that. If not any other fruit juice is an excellent substitution. In leu of that try to get as close to grape juice as you can get. Put the grape juice in a small pitcher and set out a glass for each participant in the service. We will fill these glasses together as a part of the communion service.

No, communion won’t be the same as when we are all together, but it will be a special grace for each of us during this time of isolation. We believe that the Holy Spirit is present in a unique way at the communion table, and are praying for this time to be holy for all who participate.