Downloadable Bible Studies

During this challenging pandemic time we wan to provide you with resources for faith-formation at home and/or on your own. All of these resources below are free and in pdf format which should be readable on most phones and all computers. May they be a blessing to you as you stay safe during this difficult pandemic.

First Time Reading Scripture?

The link below has everything you need to start reading your first book of scripture. It was compiled by Pastor Ken, as an easy starter guide to reading the Book of Luke

Specific to the Pandemic

Each of these studies have been written by the pastor during the pandemic, and speak specifically to the issues we have been facing in 2020

The Lights in the Darkness Series: Presented at three different reading levels, these are simple plans for reading across multiple books of the Bible.

Covid Daily Devotionals: Since early in the Pandemic, the pastor has been writing daily devotionals, and they are compiled below in sections.

For those at home with the kiddos

Please find below a fun church-history lesson to share with the family over dinner, and some notes on telling Bible stories to your kids.