Wednesday Night Activities Resume

Tonight all Wednesday night activities resume except for Adult Bible Study.  Choir meal is at 5:30 with Choir practice at 6:00.  Meal for all others starts at 6 with youth activities starting at 6:30.

What Gets In Your Way?

And suddenly there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord, descending from heaven, came and rolled back the stone and sat on it.”  Matthew 28:2

Easter is just around the bend.  I’m sure all of us are ready for the spring to banish the last of the snow and cold, but will there be a greening of our hearts as well?  As we work through the story of the gospel of Matthew, the story of the good news of Jesus, we are headed to an ending that brings life from death.

Will you come to the Easter services ready to let God work a miracle in your heart?  To bring new life?  Will your heart be open to resurrection, or will something stand in your way?

Our excuses for dodging an encounter with God are usually rather sad, and I say this as a fellow “excuse user”.  We allow our eyes to wander to our busy schedules (which for the most part we’ve planned ourselves), or we consider what others will think (when only one opinion of us matters), or we look to that damaged part of our heart that we have never been brave enough to show God (because what… we’re afraid He’ll heal it?).

Don’t come to Easter with your stone still in place.  God is willing, literally, to do the heavy lifting for us, to do the saving for us, to restore us to righteousness.  But we still need to show up, to have room in our heart for a resurrection, and to be ready to move when God tells us to go.  May your continued study of Matthew be blessed, and may this season of Lent serve to prepare your heart for new life in Christ.

In Christ,

Pastor Ken Burgard


Wednesday Night Activities

In keeping with the policy that if Tri-Valley is closed, there will be no Wednesday Night Activities, all activities except Choir are cancelled tonight.  Choir will still meet at 6pm to practice.

Spiritual Gifts

At Downs UMC we believe that all people are uniquely gifted by God for ministry.  Christianity is not just something we believe, it something that we do.  God has given us a deep and meaningful purpose here on earth.  Through our ministry and our faithful actions, we help to make the kingdom of heaven visible here on earth.  But Christianity is not just a cookie-cutter faith where everyone does the same thing.  In fact, there is a wide variety of ways that we demonstrate our discipleship within the church and within the world.  For the Christian, one of the most fulfilling experiences is finding that place where our skills and gifts can be used to bring heaven to earth in Christ’s name.  At Downs UMC we are committed to helping you in any way we can to find your place within the ministry of Christ.

One of the places in the Bible where this concept is discussed well is the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians chapters 12 and 13).  Not only does Paul name many of the different gifts God gives, but he uses some beautiful language to describe how we all work together within the church to accomplish God’s mission.

Our denominational website also has some excellent information about spiritual gifts that is well worth reading.  These documents are just guides, they are not the final word on spiritual gifts, but we hope that they will help you begin the process of finding your place within the church.

The pastor also periodically offers a spiritual gifts class.  They are one-session classes that use a few different tools (quizzes and inventories) to help provide you with some direction in understanding the gifts God has given you, and the opportunities where those gifts can best be used.  The next classes are:   Thursday March 13th and Sunday March 16th and you can register by contacting the church office at

Chili Supper Sunday, March 2, 4:30-7:00pm

Chili ImageThe weather outside is frightful, but our chili and potato soup are so delightful. The Chili Supper will be held as scheduled today, Sunday, March 2. Come out between 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm, and we’ll send you home warm and full!

There is no set price for the meal. Donations will be accepted for our Good Samaritan Ministry, which provides assistance to local folks in need. This is the only annual fundraiser of the Downs UMC Good Samaritan Ministry.