everest-vbs-logo-og-imageRegistrations for Downs UMC VBS–Everest are now being taken.  Watch for the float in the Village of Downs 4th of July parade with walkers handing out the forms.  The theme this year is Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power.  The dates for VBS this year are July 19-23 (Sunday-Thursday).  Any questions, please contact the church office at 378-2651.


Prayer bwIs there more to prayer than just folded hands and closed eyes?  Are there more ways to pray than just the one?  We’ll be exploring these questions and more this summer in our new summer small group Teach Me to Pray.  Led by Pastor Ken and Laura Bass, this group will explore four chapters of a great book on prayer called Kneeling with Giants:  Learning to Pray with History’s Best Teachers.  We will meet for 8 weeks and together we will study:

Praying with Martin Luther – learning to pray the different portions of the Lord’s Prayer.
Praying with John Calvin – learning to combine our prayer and our Bible Study
Praying with St. Teresa of Avila – learning to think of prayer as a conversation
Praying with Andrew Murray – learning to pray for others.

The class will spend two weeks on each type of prayer, for an 8 week experience. All that is required is that you wish to make your prayer life stronger. All are welcome. First class will be July 8th at 7:00pm.

Summer Sermon Series Inter-generational Faith

Join us on Sunday mornings (8 and 10am) as we study Samuel a man in scripture whose whole life is devoted in service to God, from his early childhood to his late retirement.  We will study how our faith develops and matures as we age in service to God.  We’ll have a chance to witness both his faith and contributions to the community of faith as we explore the story of Samuel:  as a child, as a young adult, at the height of his career, in early retirement (did you know that happened in the Bible too?), and Samuel as a senior in the church.  This will give us a specific chance to celebrate each of these age groups in our church and explore what unique and special gifts they have for ministry.

How does our faith mature as we age?  How can we be a strong inter-generational church?  Join us as we go through this study.